Have Fun Making Our School More Beautiful

It’s easy. Just sign up for a garden and, if you want, get friends, family, a class, or a group of students together to design a garden from scratch, add plants to an existing garden, or maintain an existing garden. There is no minimum amount of work required, though we hope people will commit to a school year. You may do as little or as much as you like.

Organic Vegetable Garden

You may want to help with our new Organic Veggie Garden and help get the kids involved!  Last year we were able to donate spinach, lettuce and cilantro to the Capital Area Food Bank.

About Our Composting Program…

We are proud of our composting program!  Children in the cafeteria put ALL organic material into specially-marked buckets.  The only things that cannot be composted are metals, glasses, plastics, and Styrofoam.  Custodial staff monitor and empty the buckets into carts near the dumpster, plus collect their organics in the kitchen.  Organics By Gosh, owned by Phil Gosh, a Barton Hills dad, maintains cleanliness of carts, picks  up the organic material three times a week, and composts it at his facility.

Think for just a moment about how much waste will be diverted from our city’s landfill in a whole school year.  If you are excited about this pilot program, please show your appreciation to our Principal, Kati Achtermann, the custodial and cafeteria staff, and Phil Gosh and Jason Sanders of Organics By Gosh.