Classroom Donations and Game Assignments

Donations may be dropped off in the Front Office.  To volunteer for a game, contact your Carnival Sponsor or Room Parent.

Grade Teacher Donation Game Assignment
K Alvear 12-24 Cupcakes* Catching a Shooting Star Fishing Game
K Ball 12-24 Cupcakes* Rings of Saturn Toss
K Herrera 12-24 Cupcakes* Animal Walk
1 Bartlett 12-24 Cupcakes* Cake Walk
1 Benoit 12-24 Cupcakes* Minute-to-Win-it
1 Halbert 12-24 Cupcakes* Minute-to-Win-it
2 Onak Colored hairspray** Space Salon Hairspray & Tattoos
2 Pursley Pringles Silent Auction
2 Rich Pringles Sick Bay
3 Tso Pringles Maze
3 Carver Pringles Lollipop Tree
3 Davis Pringles Asteroid Toss
3 Patel Pringles Duck Grab
4 Atterberry Juice Boxes Inflatable: Bungee Run
4 Geltemeyer Juice Boxes Inflatable: Meltdown
4 Kennedy Juice Boxes Inflatable: Survivor Obstacle Course
4 Nouri Juice Boxes Inflatable: Double Slide
5 Embree Bottled Water Photo Booth
5 Williams Bottled Water SEL
5 Larrimore Bottled Water Popcorn
6 Price Soda – 12 pack Jr. Space Cadet Rest Stop/Bounce House
6 Van Nort Soda – 12 pack Marketplace

*Please bring cupcakes to cafeteria stage on Friday or Saturday morning before the carnival.

**We have several cans of red & yellow left from last year but all colors are welcome