Annual Fund

What is the BHE Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund is the central fundraiser of the Barton Hills PTA. BHE strives for excellence in education, and parental funding takes us a small but important step beyond what AISD moneys provide our campus.

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Why should I give?

Many PTAs ask their students to sell items such as gift wrap or cookie dough, where retailers take a large cut of profits.  When you give to the Annual Fund, all money goes directly to programs that support your child’s education.  This year’s Annual Fund is budgeted to raise $22,000.

Where does my money go?

In supporting the Annual Fund, we will continue to provide PTA-sponsored programs and resources that enrich your child‟s education, such as:

  • Training, development, and supplies for teachers
  • Partial salary for Computer Lab Technician ($10,000)
  • Library books, Literacy Library books, author visits
  • Funding for cultural arts presentations
  • Book Buddies and Math Buddies programs
  • Scholarships
  • After school Spanish program (helps subsidize)

How much should I give?

Our fundraising goal is 100% participation from BHE families, so please give what you can. Consider this:

  • Time is money. How much time do you save yourself by participating in this hassle-free fund-raiser?
  • You can donate monthly via your bank account by just setting BHE up under online Bill Pay
  • Donations $25 or higher receive 2 BHE car decals
  • Donations are tax deductible.  BHE PTA tax ID# 74-6086853

Window Decals

With each family’s Annual Fund donation, receive a BHE car window decals.  Support Annual Fund and take home some school spirit!

Directions for the BHE Car Cling

  1. Make sure the area is cleaned with windex or the equivalent. Car Clings can be placed either on the inside or outside (of window, car door, etc.).
  2. Peel Cling from white backing and apply to clean surface
  3. If air bubbles appear, give the cling another spray of windex and using a credit card, squeegee out any air bubbles.

Can I donate monthly?

Can’t give as much as you’d like to right now?  Here are some ways you can help us reach our fundraising goals:

  • Drop a check made out to BHEPTA in our mailbox each month
  • Visit the BHEPTA website monthly to pay
  • Set up an automatic Bill Pay to BHE via your online bank account. Notify the annual fund chair of your monthly donation amount.

A small monthly donation given each month of  the school year will add up!

Monthly Gift Total Gift
$25 $225
$20 $180
$15 $135
$10 $90
$5 $45

For help, contact

What does the BHE Annual Fund mean to you?

The Annual Fund is so helpful for busy families that want a no-hassle way to give and support BHE’s needs. We’ve found it more effective than selling wrapping paper or candy bars, and we like that all of the dollars go directly to BHE PTA.” Maureen and Andy Carlson, BHE parents

The Annual Fund is the best fund-raising idea ever! It allows families to give any amount they are comfortable with. And the time spent selling gift wrap or cookie dough can be spent instead on something at the school that directly benefits our children.” Leslie and David Gervais, parents of Chloe (1st) and Joshua (4th)

PTA classroom contributions allow teachers to use current literature and other learning tools chosen for the specific needs/interests of each class.” Becky Pursley, 2nd Grade Teacher

BHE Annual Fund FAQ

Q. I already pay property taxes. Why should I donate to the PTA?

A. Our property taxes finance all AISD schools. AISD provides funding to each school based on student enrollment and the number of economically disadvantaged students. PTA fundraising provides an opportunity to enhance the basic funding allocation.

Q. I’d like to make a larger donation but I’m unable to now. Are payment plans available?

A. Yes, we offer several payment plans. Please contact the treasurer for details at

Thank you for your generosity and on-going support!