Annual Fund – We need your help.

I think we can all agree 2020 has been a year unlike any other. Navigating schooling in a pandemic has been challenging, to put it mildly. Now more than ever, the PTA is here to help our wonderful teachers, staff and students. BHE is our family, and we want to make sure we get through this safely and effectively.  With many of our biggest fundraisers on hold for the year (carnival, Spring fling), we are asking you to help us help our school through Annual Fund donations.

Your donation to the Annual Fund goes a long way to supporting work at our school, including:

  • Materials for the library, music, art, & physical education departments
  • Supplies, development, & enrichment training for our faculty
  • T-shirts & yearbooks for every student
  • Cultural Arts programs and performances
  • Support for social-emotional learning programs
  • Green works and outdoor maintenance
  • Physical education and recess equipment

This year, in order to ensure safety and wellness, we’re also hoping to have funds for:

  • HEPA filters and other supplies to ensure health and safety in the school
  • Outdoor space development to support a range of activities, including learning
  • Technology additions inside and outside the classrooms to support remote learning

Together, let’s make this happen.

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Photo by Chang Duong on Unsplash