Safety at BHE

A note from our Principal

Dear Parents:
Safety of students, staff, and our school community is a priority. To that end, we need your help in making sure you are following our school policies and procedures while in the building, at arrival and dismissal, and even when you are just driving by! We have noticed (or have had reported to us) some areas that we really need your help to improve safety.

  • Cars – our kids are not driving the cars (at least I hope they are not), so anything that involves dropping off in the wrong places (like the back parking lot), parking in no parking zones, parking in the bike lanes, speeding through the school zones, driving while on cell phones, etc. are the adults responsibility to fix. Remember, kids are seeing your driving and decision making habits – and at some point they will be driving – so model those good habits.
  • Dogs – We can’t be more clear about dogs. Do not bring dogs on campus during drop-off, pick up, school events, etc.
  • Checking in at the office – All visitors to campus must check in at the front office. Even before you go to the cafeteria to take your child lunch. Even if you are “running late.” Even if you are just “dropping this off at my child’s classroom.” Sign-in and wear your visitor sticker.
  • Picking up your child early: We will not call your child to the office until you are physically here to pick them up. Please leave plenty of time to make your appointment in the event the class is outside or your student has to come in from a portable.
  • Change in pick-up plans: Inform your child’s teacher of any change in who is picking up your child or how your child is getting home early in the day. Remember that teachers are teaching and not always going to be able to check their email/voicemail at times other than their designated planning time.

Thank you for your help in all of these important ways!