School Safety Updates

Here at Barton Hills, we want students, staff and visitors to be safe.  One of the tools that helps us do so is our visitor management system using the Raptor software. This year, Austin ISD has upgraded the system and hardware which means the following changes for our school:

  • Scanning IDs All parents and other visitors need to get their IDs scanned or rescanned, even if you were previously in the system. We appreciate your patience as we accomplish this tedious task. If you would like to get a head start on the process and save time in the future, please come by the office before school starts to have your ID scanned. *Those new to the school should know that this is different than the copy of your ID that was made for your student’s records.
  • Student Tardies Teachers will no longer mark tardies in the classroom. All students who do not arrive with enough time to make it to their seats by 7:40 am must come to the office for a tardy pass. 
  • Signing Students In and Out of School To better protect their privacy, the Raptor system will now be used to sign out students who need to leave campus during the school day and to sign them back in when they return. This replaces the old Sign-Out/Sign-In Binder.
  • Late Pick-up On the rare occasion that a child is picked up from school late, the parent or guardian must come in to the office to sign the child out using the Raptor System.

Please let us know if you have any questions and thank you for your cooperation and understanding as we implement these new procedures.